With this tool you can make bevels/extrudes controlled by a spline. I made this tool years ago but never got to “polish” and release it. Now, after such a long time I decided to just release it as it is instead of letting it collect dust on my hard drive […]


General information: This is a Parallax Occlusion Mapping Shader written in OSL. The Shader is based on the excellent Parallax Mapping Tutorial by Joey de Vries ( , ). Thanks again Joey for the permission to use it. If you’re not familiar with Parallax Mapping: it’s a technique coming […]

OSL: Parallax Occlusion Mapping

A small maxscript for loading PBR texture sets into a Vray or Corona Materials automatically. I’m using Substance Designer to make most of my materials these days and got annoyed by loading all the maps by hand every single time. So this script asks for a selection of maps and […]

Autoload Materials Script

Another very small but potentially useful tool for Fusion. Using a Screen-space normals pass and a rendered or painted shader image you can generate an instant “fake” render of the object with different shaders applied. The “Radius Scale” parameter in the MatCap node can be used to decrease the search […]

MatCap Material

This is a small but potentially useful macro for removing extremely bright pixels out of your renderings. If your renderer is setup correctly you usually don’t have to deal with that kind of stuff but if you made a mistake and cannot re-render your images because the deadline is near […]

Firefly Removal Filter

A while ago I made 3 different Tonemapping Macros for Fusion: – Filmic Tonemapping – Reinhard Tonemapping – Corona Highlight Compression (matches Corona renderer output) These macros assume you work in linear space, so if they are not linear make sure you de-gamma your images first! Thanks goes to Simon […]

Tonemapping Tools

This is another little script I made a couple of months ago. It’s helping to do light setups by pinning the resulting reflections onto a surface. See the video below to get an impression of what it does exactly. If you like it, found it helpful or have suggestions, let […]

BindLightToCamera Script

I finally decided to release the QuickSplineClone Script I showed a year ago “as is”. There are some things I’d like to change at some point in the future but right now I don’t have time to redo the stuff I don’t like (e.g. changing the system to make absolute […]

QuickSplineClone Script

Well, what can I say, it’s a Script that exports panoramas 😉 Ondřej Karlík ( had the idea, I’ve just been scripting it. The script either takes a 360×180° jpg file or grabs the image directly from Coronas Framebuffer and generates 3 or 4 files (depends on your settings). The […]

Panorama Exporter

A simple script that is pretty similar to max’s own “Save active perspective view” and “Restore active perspective view” functionality just that there are 5 slots with preview images. Un-comment the first 2 lines to install it as a macroscript. Click the little lock symbol to save a view, click […]

Save & Restore Views Script