Blackmagic Fusion

Another very small but potentially useful tool for Fusion. Using a Screen-space normals pass and a rendered or painted shader image you can generate an instant “fake” render of the object with different shaders applied. The “Radius Scale” parameter in the MatCap node can be used to decrease the search […]

MatCap Material

This is a small but potentially useful macro for removing extremely bright pixels out of your renderings. If your renderer is setup correctly you usually don’t have to deal with that kind of stuff but if you made a mistake and cannot re-render your images because the deadline is near […]

Firefly Removal Filter

A while ago I made 3 different Tonemapping Macros for Fusion: – Filmic Tonemapping – Reinhard Tonemapping – Corona Highlight Compression (matches Corona renderer output) These macros assume you work in linear space, so if they are not linear make sure you de-gamma your images first! Thanks goes to Simon […]

Tonemapping Tools