Latitude-Longitude Blur/Glow for Fusion

If you’ve ever done any compositing for 360×180° spherical panoramas you know that some things don’t work the same way as with normal renderings. One of these issues are Glows, Blurs, and other tools assuming a evenly distributed pixel density. Since Latitude-Longitude images are stretched at the poles on the top and bottom, blurs and glows tend to to be sharp and spiky in the upper regions.

In the image below you can see a screenshot of a view inside a Geosphere with the bottom pole visible. On the left side is the normal Blur, on the right side my version of a lat-long blur (The distortions right at the pole are due to the mapping method of my panorama viewer). As you can see, the dots on the left are blurred but looking like they were stretched vertically – the dots on the right are perfectly round.

Here you can see what a blur looks like in the Lat-Long image

Unfortunately I cannot release this tool since it was done for my employer.