Corona Converter
The Corona Converter is now maintained and developed by the Corona Team. There will not be any new versions on this website. Please report bugs and feature wishes in the Corona forums :) .


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Copyright © 2018 Martin Geupel
For license information see the script header.


version v...LOADING... (Corona 1.7 and up)

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version v...LOADING... (daily builds only)

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This Script is automatically installed with Corona. However, new versions with bugfixes and new features are uploaded here for download more regularly. For a list of all changes see the changelog below.
If you have found a bug or got some ideas for improvement, please drop me a line here: Corona Forum thread

It is also possible to use the converter via maxscript commands. [updated on 2016/10/27]
See a full documentation with Code examples here: Maxscript Documentation

How to install:
Simply put the script file here: "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\scripts\CoronaRenderer\"
No need to delete or overwrite anything. The menu entry/macroscripts will find the new version by themselves.

Known issues:
* After importing additional data (fbx, obj, ...), some materials may not be converting properly. In those cases, save the scene and press the convert button again.

How to add the Converter to a button / menuitem / hotkey (Macroscript):
Starting with Corona 1.2, you will find the macroscript under the category name "Corona Renderer". There is also a menu entry in the default rightclick Quadmenu.

Is there a way to support the development of this Script?
The best thing to do is writing bug reports ;-) If you encounter any problems, please write a post in the Corona Forum thread or write me an email.
However, since this has been requested a couple of times, I also added a Paypal donate button. So, if you found the Script helpful, use it in your daily work and want to say thanks you can do it with the donate button below. This does not mean that I'm selling the script or that I urge you to donate something. The Script will always be free . I will continue to work on it and donations will probably not influence the development speed or which features get implemented (or not ;-) ).

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Supported materials:

    Max / Mental Ray:
  • StandardMaterial
  • Autodesk_Material
  • Shellac
  • RaytraceMaterial (basic)
  • Architectural (basic)
  • Arch___Design__mi
  • Car_Paint_Material__mi
  • iray_Material (unofficial)

  • finalRender:
  • fR_Advanced
  • fR_Architectural
  • fR_Metal (basic)
  • fR_Glass (basic)


  • VRayMtl
  • VRayBlendMtl
  • VRayLightMtl
  • VRay2SidedMtl
  • VRayCarPaintMtl
  • VrayOverrideMtl
  • VrayMtlWrapper
  • VRayFastSSS (basic)
  • VRayFastSSS2 (basic)
  • VrayBumpMtl

Supported maps:

  • VrayColor
  • VrayDirt
  • VrayNormalMap
  • VraySky
  • VRayCompTex
  • VRayEdgesTex
  • VRayGLSLTex
  • VRaySoftbox
  • VRayHDRI
  • VRayTriplanarTex
  • VRayColor2Bump
  • Normal_Bump
  • Autodesk_Map
  • Multi_Sub_Map
  • Amb/Refl_Occlusion

Supported lights:

  • VRayLight
  • VRayIES
  • VRaySun
  • Omnilight
  • freeSpot
  • targetSpot
  • Free_Light
  • Target_Light
  • Directionallight
  • TargetDirectionallight
  • Daylight Assemblies
  • fR RectLight
  • mr_Sun
  • mr_Sky_Portal
  • miAreaLight
  • miAreaLightomni