Maxscript R&D

I’ve developed this little tool some years ago (actually, I can’t remember when exactly) as an in-house solution for reusing assets which we need once in a while. It saves a maxfile containting the model, does a thumbnail viewport snapshot and  collects all used maps etc. It’s not built for […]

Asset Browser

Some time ago I’ve been looking for a way to export pflow particles to Eyeon Fusion. Unfortunately there is no useful method (baking it to meshes or something like that) to do it, so I wrote a script that exports an exr image sequence where each r-g-b pixel represents a […]

Pflow -> Fusion particle fun

Some months ago I started scripting a fragmenting tool which I unfortunately never finished. I called it “Bob”, bunch of bricks ;-). It is able to fragment with irregular shapes, bricks, voronoi, and can do multi-level clustering.

“Bob” fragmenting toolset