CarpetViz with edge-tracing and Forest Pack Pro

About a year ago, I had to find some technique to visualize close-up carpet patterns which used the so called kelim weaving technique. After some trial and error I found a way to do it with Forest Pack Pro (scatter plugin for 3dsmax) and a bitmap tracing script which finds borders between colors.

Tech: KelimPattern
The left image explains the kelim weaving technique.
The middle one shows which parts are always recurring, marked with 6 different colors: Red,  dark green, bright green and yellow show the different endings, black and white are the fill-ups.
The image on the right shows the geometry used for scattering, also color-coded (not the same colors as in the picture in the middle, but I hope the idea should be clear)tracedPattern

Now I needed a way to bring the different carpet designs into Forest Pack, using the correct placement of the 6 pieces of yarn. I wrote a script which traces images (left) and generates color-code images (right) to be used in Forest Pack as distribution map.

Now for some images:
The Clown images are a little bit weird but I just had to test it with something extreme 😉