Extend Borders 64

This Tool is useful for extruding border edges of an editable poly. You can also add a tilting angle and choose to use corrected corners.

selAndApplyaltNegAnglenewStraightenHow to use:
For installation instructions download the .zip below and read the readme file included. In max, open the “Customize User Interface” dialog and locate the tool in the category “RacoonScripts”. After you have made a hotkey, menu item or button, simply select some edges of your editable poly object and start the tool.

Extrusion Depth = the absolute amount the new edges are extruded
Angle = The tilting angle of the extrusion
Smoothing Group, Inherit = Inherits the smoothing group ID from the adjacent faces
Respect loop ends = If you are not using straighten corners, selections that end on corners are extruded perpendicular to the bending, if this is not desired, activate this option – it will extrude the those edge perpendicular to only the selected edges.

Tips & Tricks:
Alt + Apply = negate the angle value and apply
Alt + Cancel = undo the last apply

Known problems:
* Doesn’t seem to work properly in Max 2017 (I blame Autodesk, it works in all versions prior to 2017).
* Distorted polygons (e.g. skewed and rotated) may be problematic for the straighten corners algorithm. It’s better to disable this feature in these cases.
* Since it’s a Maxscript it is not very fast in calculation speed. Higher edge counts may slow down the tool considerably.

* v1.0 Initial Release

Use it on your own risk!


(rightclick, save as..)


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64 thoughts on “Extend Borders

    • Martin Post author

      seems to work fine here, which kind of undo is not working? You can either undo the whole operation (after closing the dialog!) or use Alt + Cancel to undo the last apply.

    • Martin Post author

      Have you copied both files in the right folders (as stated in the readme.txt) ? It’s 2 different folders, maybe you missed that.

        • Martin Post author

          It only works on editable poly objects. Select the edges you want to extrude and then click the button afterwards 😉

          • Antonio

            I have the same problem and I do not know what happens!. The tool does nothing. No window opens.

          • Martin Post author

            You need to have 1 (only one!) object selected and it has to be an editable poly object. Maybe you have some modifiers on top and/or “show end result” is on. Try it with a simple box converted to an editable poly.

            I will add a warning in the status bar in the next version.

  • Schnuffelduffel


    Bei mir läuft es zwar, aber nicht so in Echtzeit, wie in den Videos. Bedeutet, die Veränderung tritt erst ein, wenn ich den Spinner loslasse. Das nervt etwas. Woran kann das liegen?

    Mir ist auch aufgefallen, dass das Script läuft, wenn man die zweite Macroscript-file eben nicht kopiert in das userscpripts oder macroscripts-Verzeichnis. Ich vermute, dass da vllt. der Zusammenhang besteht – keine Ahnung.

    Achja – und die Undo-Funktion klappt auch nicht. Welche Tasten sollen das auf deutscher Tastatur sein? Alt+Entf?

    Hab’s ausprobiert auf max 14 und 15.

    Grüße, Schnuffelduffel

    • Martin Post author

      Wenn es sich beim spinner drag nicht ändert kann ich per Script da nichts dran ändern. Das ist dann etwas was in deinem Max nicht richtig eingestellt ist. Ich hab im Hinterkopf das es dafür irgendwo ein Setting gibt…

      Das .mcr verweist auf das .mse. Man kann auch nur das .mse benutzen, muss es aber eben dann jedesmal per hand laden. Das .mcr ist einzig dafür da um das Tool in max als button oder hotkey anlegen zu können.

      Die “Alt + Apply” und “Alt + Cancel” funktionen beziehen sich auf die Alt-Taste und die jeweiligen Buttons IM Script.

      • Schnuffelduffel

        Danke für die Antwort! Hmm… wie gesagt, ich arbeite mit den Standarteinstellungen in max – es war ja bei 14 UND 15 …hmmm…. keine Ahnung, wo in max man das fixen kann… vllt. mal anderen Grafiktreiber probieren…

        Grüße, Schnuffelduffel

        • Schnuffelduffel

          Update: Problem gelöst! Lag nicht am Grafiktreiber.

          Es funktionierte ERST, als ich dem Script einen Hotkey zuwies und es über den Hotkey aufrief. Vorher hatte ich es immer direkt über “run script” gestartet.

          Und jetzt macht’s Spaß! 🙂

          Vielen Dank!

  • Antanas

    Extend Borders rocks ! – somehow I missed it earlier but wow – that’s the way standard extrude should have been made in the first place or at least have some options like that – thanks !

  • Stephen

    Nice script. Would be nice if the script opened regardless whether you have a border selected. Thanks.

  • Fibonacci

    Hi! Thank you very much this nice script! this really saves me a lot of time to make “edge extrude modeling”. Really handy, specially when I have to make a small support loops for the hard edges.

    Just the undo function is missing for me.

    anyway…Keep rockin’ !

  • yoko

    thanks for this great tool !!!
    one suggestion : could it be possible to have a second “extension depth” value ?
    so we can make stair so easely : depth 30cm, and second depth 17cm.
    than we can make an angle of 90 degrees, apply, then alt+apply (it would apply the second depth value), and so on…

    • Martin Post author

      Glad you like it 🙂
      I’d like to do something like that at some point (and I hope it won’t take too long) but I’ll first have to restructure a lot of the code to make it possible. I want to enable maxscript access so everyone can write their own UI and/or do fancy stuff with it (like a stairs generator or something).

  • Kenza

    great script, thank you so much. I installed it with 3ds max 2017 and it looks like there is some kind of bug. in a nutshell, I create a plane, select the border, activate extend borders and for some reason, some edges get extruded and others don’t. however, when I un-click and re-click “straighten corners,” all edges become extruded.

    • Martin Post author

      hmm, haven’t encountered that one ever before (and got no reports like that). Does it also happen with older Max versions? I’m not using 2017 yet.
      Can you make a short screen-capture where I can see this effect (this way it’s easier for me to reproduce).

      • Kenza

        wow, that was fast :). it does work in max 2016. I have 2 screen captures one for each version that shows the bug in 2017 but don’t know how to attach or upload them.

          • Alex

            The same thing happens to me also. The edges get extruded crooked but unticking and ticking again “Straighten corners” refreshes the geometry and displays it correctly, afterwards.

            Also, for the guys that have the script showing in the Customize User Interface panel but no window appear when starting the script, you might check if you put the RacoonScripts folder inside 3ds Max 201X/Scripts/. The explanation in the readme file might play tricks on you if you do not pay attention to it (like it just happened to me) and from “1) Copy the “RacoonScripts” directory to your “Scripts” directory (3dsMax root).” my mind remembered only the last part and i had copied the folder into the 3dsMax root, and not inside /Scripts (which was not correct). Now it works! 🙂

          • Martin Post author

            Thanks for your comment! I’m still not on 2017 (and won’t be for many more months to come) but I’ll see if I can try it out somewhere. 2017 is buggy on many levels, so this is not surprising.
            Thanks for the pointer to the installation procedure. Makes sense, maybe this info will help some people 🙂

  • Hasan Bajramovic

    Thanks for making this awesome tool man! Its been a part of my workflow for years now.
    I did run in to a bit of a problem with it when using it on 3dsmax 2016. The dialogue just doesn’t pop up. Script seems to work and it extrudes the edge but no window. Tried re setting al lthe windows positions and what ever trickery I could think of but no luck. Any thoughts?
    Didn’t have this problem on 2014 but since I just upgraded recently to max 2016 I just can’t get it working.

    Thanks so much

    • Martin Post author

      Hmmm, that’s weird. I’m not using 2016 myself but I just installed and tried it and it seems to work fine here. The only thing I found is that the “usermacros” folder which is described in the readme does not exist anymore, so I used the macroscripts folder for installation. But apart from that, the tool runs fine and a dialog pops up =/
      You can try to delete the RacoonScripts.ini which is located here: “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2016 – 64bit\ENU\en-US\plugcfg\”. This will reset the window position for the script. Let me know if that helped 🙂

      • Hasan Bajramovic

        Worked like a charm! Don’t know why the dialogue never showed after running the script… must be some weird issue with multiple displays connected. Thanks so much Martin!

          • Adam

            I am using 3ds Max 2017 (19.0 SP2) However the script will not run.

            I have extracted it to

            unfortunately the RacoonScripts.ini file has not been generated in the directory you provided.. Any suggestions? When I press the button there is no “script not found” dialog however there is no window either

          • Martin Post author

            So, your currently selected object is an valid editable poly and also has border edges selected?
            Can you try to just drag&drop the .mse file right into one of your viewports? This way we can be sure there is no installation/macroscript problem.

  • papagersi

    I installed by drag & drop into 3Ds max 2016 viewport
    I found Racoon Script on the script category list and I made it into my quad option
    and it didn’t work

    • Martin Post author

      Have you read the “readme”? There is a .mse file that has to be installed properly too. And you need to have a valid editable poly object (and edges) selected in order for it to work.

    • Martin Post author

      Well, I’m not using 2015,2016,2017 but I had people reporting that it works in 2016 – so it should be working in 2015. Have you been following the readme?

  • John Eies

    Today 27/01/2017 I downloaded your Extended Borders Script, I followed your “Read me” on installing the script to the letter. I am using Max 2017. When I create a plane and convert it to an Editable Poly and go into either Edge or Border sub-object mode with some edges or the border of the plane selected, if i click on the script it appears on screen, if i then dial in and extrusion amount and click apply some edges get extruded some don’t. If I then click the “Straighten Corners” on and off it corrects the problem, however you have to do that everytime you applied an extrusion. This doesn’t seem to happen when you only select the edges down one side of your plane, however when you select two or more sides, some sides get extruded some don’t. This seems an amazing little script and I’ve been playing around with it for a couple of hours now, including doing the “Arrimus 3D ” tutorial on the Extended Borders Script on his You Tube Channel. But it’s not working as it should, or as it has for previous versions of Max. Am I doing something wrong ?

    • Martin Post author

      Replied to your email 🙂
      I’m also summarizing it here for others: 2017 currently seems to be one to blame here. It won’t be fixed in the foreseeable future. I’ll have to wait and see if 2018 will be better.

    • Martin Post author

      It works in 2015 and 2016 (commercial as well as student versions). Just make sure you follow the readme exactly and you need to have an editable poly object and some edges selected – otherwise nothing will happen.

  • george

    I’m trying to get it to work in 3ds Max all day and nothing.. I’m following the README file instructions to the letter, i assign the script to a hotkey (shift+ctrl+2) but it does nothing. Yes the object is Edit poly, and I have an edge or border selected.

    • Martin Post author

      – Does it work if you just make it a button instead of a hotkey (keyboard shortcut override may be a problem)
      – Did you copy the “RacoonScripts” folder itself or just the content of that folder?

      • george

        I did. However i managed to make it work, I deleted the script from the Max directories, rebooted the system and reinstalled, i also collapsed the modifiers stack of the object, reset xform, and converted to edit poly again. Don’t know which one did the trick, but it works now, so cheers! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome script!

  • Andre Mercado

    I like it so much that I’m making it work in Max 2017 🙂
    just have to select/unselect “straighten corners” after modifying the selection and it will update.

      • mischesn

        I think he meant a feature of autocad where you can extrude (or add another segment to) a line by specified amount of units along the direction of that line – something that is not currently possible in 3ds max and I’m sure a lot of people, especially in archviz would be eternally grateful for(including me). The thing with this in max is, that although you can extend an editable spline like that(and even that works only when they share a common plane), extruding(or even moving) for example and edge or a selection of multiple edges on editable poly object along the 3D(or possibly with an ability to choose 2D and 2,5D as well) direction of another user-selected edge cannot be done quickly or easily.
        It doesn’t help that 3ds max apparently isn’t capable of detecting apparent intersections of objects or sub-objects in 3D space and also snap is not working with any type of helper objects at all(which could easily solve this situation – you could draw a Tape helper, change its length by the amount you want and snap your edges and vertices to its end).

    • Martin Post author

      Unfortunately not. Making things work with edit poly is way harder than just editable poly – and sometimes outright impossible.

      • Brian Baastrup

        That’s what I feard. I’ve also heard that from the guy who did the edge regularizer script.

        But, none the less, great script. I has now become part of my everyday workflow.

  • omidpeiro

    After trying out different way works on Max 2018 and 2016, but only through the script menu> Run the script, not the hotkey, not the button

  • Wygn

    Works perfectly in 3DS Max 2017 (at least for me).
    In case someone wants to use it, put the racoonscripts folder in your 3ds max scripts folder like the read me file says, and put “RacoonScripts_Extend_Borders.mcr” file there as well.
    Scripting->New script->File->Open (and now find the .mcr file)
    After you’ve opened it, Tools-> Evaluate All. Restart Max (not sure if necessary), but I did just in case for this one.