With this tool you can make bevels/extrudes controlled by a spline.

I made this tool years ago but never got to “polish” and release it. Now, after such a long time I decided to just release it as it is instead of letting it collect dust on my hard drive futher (actually, it’s an SSD and I certainly hope there’s no dust in there). It is not thoroughly tested so I can not guarantee that it will work in all circumstances or won’t have any nasty side effects I’m not aware of, so USE IT ON YOUR OWN RISK. Save your work before you go crazy with it. The code is not encrypted so you can check and read through it if you want. License information can be found at the script header. If it’s useful to you and want to support me you can use the donate button on the right.

A huge thanks goes to Vojtech Cada (aka Swordslayer) who has helped me a lot with solving problems and general speed
improvements in this script.

It’s pretty simple to use. Select an Editable Poly object, one edge ring (can be open or closed), and pick the spline.. voila. It’s a macroscript, so after installation (in any way of your choice) you’ll find it in the category “RacoonScripts”. Here’s a short demo video:


provided by Stanislav Mikhailov

Known Limitations:
* Only works with Editable Poly
* Not thoroughly tested, could have unknown bugs/side-effects.

* v1.01 Initial Release

Use it on your own risk!


(rightclick, save as..)